Well here we are, finding ourselves deep in the throes of the Holiday Season.  Usually, the end of the year finds Pickxen slowing down a smidge in order to take some time to enjoy family and friends and give thanks for all the wonderful blessings bestowed on us this previous year.  Where has the time gone, anyway, and didn’t we ask that very same question about this time last year??  One thing we can report is that during some previously scheduled Fall cleaning, Miss Dixie came across some long lost, long hidden, long forgotten songs out back in yon smokehouse under a pile of dried out alder.  So we blew the dust off of them, took a look and decided that perhaps we should take a stab at committing them acetate (or perhaps some other method of rendering not known about in the 20th century).  So if you find yourself passing through the trailer park in the next month or so and you think you may be hearing the odd sound or two emanating from lot #47, rather than asking, “What’s he building in there,” it may be that you are hearing portions of the new Pickxen recording being cobbled together which should coincide nicely with the finishing details on our brand new website  Details to follow, surely as night follows day.  Oh, by the way, should you ask yourself, “What’s he building in there,” you wouldn’t be the first: