Saints preserve us!!  Here we find ourselves already hip deep into Lent, The Ides of March loom ever closer and we’re nigh on Saint Paddy’s, too.  Y’all making yer way toward Savannah keep an eye out on I-16 for Messr. Smokey and for the Love of Mike find you a designated driver and do whatever you do SAFELY!  We’re busy holed up in the trailer park honing our craft and looking forward to gigs in Virginia and the mountains of north Georgia (details to follow as soon as we finish crossin’ the rest of them t’s and whatnot).  We’re chomping at the bit and rearing to go……..just wanna make sure we do ourselves proud once we get out in front of the ticket buying public.  In the meantime, check out the latest addition to ourmusic page.  It’s a work of fiction about a nice southern girl named ‘Jubilee’ who likes to hold close to the traditions that made her forebears special.  And spinning right now on Miss Dixie’s Hi-Fi:.