Land  ‘o Goshen where does the time go!  You wake up one morning thanking God you made it  through January  –  the next thing you know  –  your’e on the lookout for March hares (when is rabbit season, anyway…………….)   Such big plans we have for our little band.  We’ve been rehearsing our butts off and scouring the landscapes for gigs and forgot all about this here little ole blog.  We ARE alive and well down here in the Southland and are very grateful for all the visits to our site.  We have also added a Twitter account and do have a Facebook page for those of you who haven’t visited those accounts yet.  And as always, finding us on the internet is easy.  We are the ONLY Pickxen in the universe……….so just click here  @Pickxen .   More music coming soon on our music page, too!  In the meantime, we’d like to treat you to some good ole harmonizing by NOLA’s own Boswell Sisters: