Wow friends!!  Seems like it was forever ago since we last visited! But we all made it through Autumn and we made it through the holidays and we made it all the way through 2015 and woke up to greet 2016, right on time, like we knew she would be.   All the while the music kept going ’round and ’round and that, too, came out right where it was supposed to.  December found us competing in the Eddie’s Attic Bi-Annual Songwriters Shootout and although we did not win we made a lot of new friends and met some incredibly talented musicians.  And, yes, it really WAS nice just to be nominated.  The new year is now on us and you will be able to find us all over the map:  There are coffeehouse shows, winery shows and a CD Release Party on June 4th in Duluth, Ga.  Keep up to date on our concert calendar, (over there just to the right), and you’ll be the second to know about what’s happening (after us, of course, silly).  In the meantime we are hard at work finishing up our cd, which should out later this Spring.  It’s loads of fun working on it and very rewarding knowing we will be able to properly catalogue just what it is we HAVE been doing these past couple of years.

Yep, the music does go ’round and ’round!  Heck, don’t take my word for it, if you don’t believe me, just listen to Primo Scala: