Well, it’s a new month and Pickxen band finds itself with new challenges nearly everyday (and who doesn’t like a new challenge, anyway?). Ole Pixie P. woke up a few days ago and found that his back wasn’t interested in taking part in the daily rigors that keep an old bass player pounding away with the rhythm of life.  So until his back can get right with the rest of him, Pixie is spending most of his days laying around and thanking God for the odd five minutes at a time that he gets to do crazy stuff like standing………… and sitting and…………well, that’s about it.  But this too will pass and we know Pixie will soon be his old self  –  thumping away life’s tensions right on the 2 and the 4 (and if he really must  –  the 1 and the 3).

In other news, strange things do seem to be happening nearly everyday here at the trailer park.  It seems an old friend has awoken here in lot number 39 and she wants to be sure we know she’s here.  We’re calling her Shelby Jean, (we think she was prolly named after both her momma and daddy), and she is making her presence felt.  We think she may have been one of the previous tenants here and has since gone on to her heavenly reward.  Now, apparently there’s not be a lot to do up there, (aside from dining at the endless feast that is set before the residents), or perhaps she disagrees with the way we have decorated the place.  Either way, we have had pictures falling off the walls, a flower pot mysteriously falling off its perch atop  Miss Dixie’s curio cabinet (with all her Madam Alexander figurines, featuring, of course Miss Scarlet O’Hara), and then there was the mystery boom……..heard only by a chosen few here, but felt by all.  It shook us to the bone.  But we shall carry on, hoping we don’t offend Miss Shelby Jean anymore.  And if we do  –  y’all will be the second to know!!   Here’s the theme song for the day, presented by Sister Rosetta Tharpe: