After several fits, starts and other similar forays into some kind of southern fried, semi-journalistic bloviation I have finally   decided to just let this music journalist speak for himself.  Many many thanks to our big fan across the pond, The Rocking Magpie.  His review of our new EP, ‘Selah,’ has brought us to blushes and grins and made us giddy with joy and has put a spring in our step.

Sent to him as a gesture of goodwill and just to keep him in the loop.


Not even daring to dream that he would take the time to review our work in progress. But oh my goodness gracious –  review it he did and you are just gonna have to click on the link below and read it for yourself.


“Unless there’s a puppy involved, Country songs don’t get any more Countrier than this……heartbreak by the numbers, and tears by the ton.”


Mr Magpie, we are gonna get over to your side of the world one of these days and sing and play just for you! Thank you, thank you!

Pickxen – SELEH (ep)


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