2018 Sounds so futuristic!

Yet here we are living in it right now!  So many things to be thankful for as we start a new year.  For one, Dixie got an Instantpot for Christmas and things really changed in the kitchen!  A chicken roasted and ready to eat in 45 mins. (Well, that doesn’t include the time it takes to go out in the yard and catch that pastured hen and ….well, you know what!)  This is a great time saver..which we need since we have lots of great shows on the schedule.

Keep an eye on Pickxen.com for upcoming shows

We’ve got shows in N.C., S.C.,Va., Ga. and more on the horizon.

We are hoping to release that 2nd Full CD in late Spring.  So excited to share these songs with you.  We have some super talented guests playing with us on this record.  Gonna be so great to see what you think.

Download Pickxen tunes at Spotify, Itunes, Amazon

Yes, you can get Pickxen tunes right there.  Please check us out and help yourself.

Of course, if we get to see you in person our CD’s are available at all of our shows.

We just can’t get enough chicken these days….