The Pickxen calendar for 2019

is coming together nicely and we are so grateful for the shows that we have lined up so far.

We would be honored to have a spot or two on your calendar.  Save some dates to come and see us

when we are in your neck of the woods.

We’ve added some great new songs: originals and some unique covers.

Pretty sure you are going to like what you hear!  We sure are having fun playing them

Looking for a way to see more of Pickxen?  A House Concert is the perfect answer!

Let us know if you would like details of an intimate house concert with Pickxen and your friends.  Not hard to put together and we tell you all you need to know

to make it a wonderful, exceptional night of music and friends!

We thank you so much for staying in touch and taking the time to see where we are.  Your support and love of music is food for our souls!

Here is the complete list of dates so far.

And just in case you would like to share on facebook and other social media sites, here is a handy image listing dates as well.

Thank you!