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Pickxen Wants To See You!

Larrivee Guitars has been kind enough to offer us Artist Support and we could not be more thrilled! Love these guitars...we have 3 of them already and getting this endorsement is a very sweet thing for us!  We will be adding to our Larrivee family very soon!  If you...
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Pickxen is honored to have Artist Support from Larivee Guitars!

The Music Goes Round and Round!

Wow friends!! Seems like it was forever ago since we last visited! But we all made it through Autumn and we made it through the holidays and we made it all the way through 2015 and woke up to greet 2016, right on time, like we knew she would be. read more

It’s Our Autumn Almanac!

Well hello, once again, friends and neighbors! Been quite awhile since we last visited, so let's see if we can't get y'all up to speed on all, (or at least most), things Pickxen. So get you some sweet tea and find a spot on the divan and get a load of our Autumn Almanac: read more

Don’t ‘cha Just Know It

Well, don't 'cha just know it! Tough times don't last - but tough people do. Our own Pixie P. has been going through some tough times with his poor old back but with the help of some supremely talented doctors and the Big Man upstairs, he has prevailed, the back issues are only a memory right now and this here little band is ready to move forward with an all out assault on the music business!! read more

Strange Things Happen Every Day

Well, it's a new month and Pickxen band finds itself with new challenges nearly everyday (and who doesn't like a new challenge, anyway?). Ole Pixie P. woke up a few days ago and found that his back wasn't interested in taking part in the daily rigors that keep an old bass player pounding away with the rhythm of life. read more

The Only Pickxen in the Universe

Land 'o Goshen where does the time go! You wake up one morning thanking God you made it through January - the next thing you know - your'e on the lookout for March hares (when is rabbit season, anyway................) read more

The P and the Pick

Well great day in the morning! It's yours truly this fine morning, Pixie P., with the originating blog on this here blog post spot. Wanna take a moment and welcome you all to this fine piece of websitery as we launch our little ole selves into an intergalactic orbitation into show biz-ery, proper. read more