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Pickxen Takes Completes Another Trip Around The Sun

2018 Sounds so futuristic! Yet here we are living in it right now! So many things to be thankful for as we start a new year.
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Strange Things Happen Every Day

Well, it's a new month and Pickxen band finds itself with new challenges nearly everyday (and who doesn't like a new challenge, anyway?). Ole Pixie P. woke up a few days ago and found that his back wasn't interested in taking part in the daily rigors that keep an old bass player pounding away with the rhythm of life. read more

The Only Pickxen in the Universe

Land 'o Goshen where does the time go! You wake up one morning thanking God you made it through January - the next thing you know - your'e on the lookout for March hares (when is rabbit season, anyway................) read more

The P and the Pick

Well great day in the morning! It's yours truly this fine morning, Pixie P., with the originating blog on this here blog post spot. Wanna take a moment and welcome you all to this fine piece of websitery as we launch our little ole selves into an intergalactic orbitation into show biz-ery, proper. read more