Pickxen - Americana Music - Georgia, USA

Pickxen’s Gonna Cross That Pond One Day

After several fits, starts and other similar forays into some kind of southern fried, semi-journalistic bloviation I have finally decided to just let this music journalist speak for himself. Many many thanks to our big fan across the pond, The Rocking Magpie.
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The Only Pickxen in the Universe

Land 'o Goshen where does the time go! You wake up one morning thanking God you made it through January - the next thing you know - your'e on the lookout for March hares (when is rabbit season, anyway................) read more

The P and the Pick

Well great day in the morning! It's yours truly this fine morning, Pixie P., with the originating blog on this here blog post spot. Wanna take a moment and welcome you all to this fine piece of websitery as we launch our little ole selves into an intergalactic orbitation into show biz-ery, proper. read more