Wow!!  Where does the time go?  Been a little while since we last sat down to chat and here it is, nigh onto another Summer getting ready to greet the world.

Pickxen has been busy, and that has left us a little remiss in chatting up a storm on this here blog.  We spent most of the Spring recording back at our favorite spot, Blackberry Whine studios. We decided to celebrate the halfway point in the process by releasing an EP of 6 songs so our friends and fans can get a taste of what is to come on our second cd. The new EP is called ‘Selah’ which roughly translates to, “Pause and listen.” ‘Selah’ is available to the world on now and will give y’all an idea of exactly what it is we have been doing since Mardi Gras (or so).  It is available on Bandcamp as well as the other usual music outlets  – iTunes, Spotify, Amazon – and all the rest of those crazy places one may find on the internet.

Selah EP CD Outlined_V3

We are also excited to get back out there out on the road and playing music for all of you .  We began June by sharing an evening with our singing/songwriting pals Raven and Red and Death Beard in a ‘Songwriters In The Round’ type evening at The New Dawn Theater Company in Duluth, Ga.  It was a blast sharing the stage with those good folks and trading off songs and listening to the stories behind the songs  – what a hoot!  If you don’t know those guys  –  seek ‘em out, they are well worth your time (and both groups are as nice as they can be)!

The next couple of weeks will find us in North Carolina, the mountains of north Georgia and eastern Tennessee in Knoxville and Johnson City.  So excited to be returning to The Blue Plate Special on WDVX in Knoxville and we will be playing for the first time at The Acoustic Coffeehouse in Johnson City which will be a blast.  Keep your eyes peeled and stay up to date for all the upcoming gigs on our website as well as our Facebook and Twitter feeds.  We shall be putting quite a few miles on the Pickxen microbus this Summer, please come on out and catch a show and make sure you come up and say, “Hey!” when you see us.

Well, I guess that’s about it for now.  Got lots to do and never enough time to do it, so let’s grab another cup ‘o courage and get to it  –  it’s Summertime!  Driving home that point, please welcome from Boston, Massachusetts, direct from 1958  –  The Jamies!!!