Well hello, once again, friends and neighbors!  Been quite awhile since we last visited, so let’s see if we can’t get y’all up to speed on all, (or at least most), things Pickxen.  So get you some sweet tea and find a spot on the divan and get a load of our Autumn Almanac:

First and foremost, due to events that are simply out of our control, the Pickxen family has been expanding exponentially, (or at least ponentially), if I may be a smidge mathematical for a moment.  Births, weddings  –  you name it  –  we’ve had them here in good ole Pickxlandia!!  So welcome one and all to the Pickxen family  –  we’re so glad you’re here!!  In between these exciting life changing events, we have been able to squeeze in some live gigs on occasion.  We wandered on up to Calhoun, Georgia to play for our favorite grass fed beef ranchers, the wonderful deGraans, at their customer appreciation shindig. Check them out at  dgfarms.com .  October found us returning to the Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville, Georgia for the Southeastern Cowboy Festival held on the grounds of the museum.  You can find more about the Booth at boothmuseum.org .  And let’s not forget about the fun we had up in Dahlonega at Cavender Creek Vineyards.  Fine wine and fine music  –  what a combination!  We shall return to Cavender Creek on December 5th for more fun and wine tasting  –  join us then, won’t you  www.cavendercreekvineyards.com .  And we shall be heading up the road to Charlotte, N.C. for a private event on November 30th.  Keep your eyes peeled…..we may be showing up at a venue close by on the way  –  Greenville, Spartanburg, Gastonia………….Boiling Springs  –  we just may be dropping by for some impromptu Pickxen pickin.’  And of course, there’s the Bi-Annual Shootout at Eddie’s Attic on December 12.  We are humbled and grateful to be chosen to participate in this competition.  Details at eddiesattic.com .  Well, that about catches up our Autumn Almanac.  Who knew at the time we would have something in common with a certain Mr. Ray Davies of Muswell Hill, London in the the United Kingdom.  Why he has his own Autumn Almanac and wouldn’t you know it  –  he likes his football on Saturday and roast beef on Sunday  –  just like us: