Well, here we are, hip deep in the dog days of Summer, 2015.  Lots and lots of Pickxen news to share with you all on this fine but toasty August day.

We want to start by thanking the good folks at the Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville, Ga., for allowing us to be part of their Summer Entertainment Series.  We had a wonderful time playing there in July and it looks like we shall be back there for the big shindig in October.  Check them out at boothmuseum.org .  It’s a wonderful facility and they house the world’s largest collection of cowboy art!!  Shortly after that we spent a wonderful afternoon playing for the fine folks up at Foxfireland in Clayton, Ga. (find them at www.foxfire.org ).  And then we found ourselves with a little free time this past Monday night, so we headed down to Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, Ga., for their weekly Open Mic Contest  –  and by cracky, don’t ‘cha know we just won that contest!!  That means we return to Eddie’s on Saturday, December 12 and compete against the other Monday night winners in their Open Mic Shootout  –  heck, maybe even walk away with $1000.00!!  We had a great time at Eddie’s  –  everyone there was as nice as they could be and we met some other really good songwriters  –  what a night!!

We hope you had the chance to catch us at the Red Light Café ( redlightcafe.com ) on August 8th, when we opened for the talented folks in FrazierBand. (http://www.frazierbandmusic.com/) If they come to your town, check out their awesome show!

We continue to record new material in hopes of having something for the music buying public very, very soon.  In an effort to send some nice cooling vibes your way, may we offer you this fine Summer musical interlude: