Well, it’s a beautiful morning, isn’t it?  And welcome to our brand new website!  Hope you like the new look.  On it you you’ll find all things Pickxen including our Twitter feed, a Soundcloud player from which you can access the songs from our CD ‘Picks ’n Vittles’, an updated gig listing, song lyrics and coming soon a ‘Media’ page with reviews of our music, an EPK, our ‘One Sheet’ and other promotional items.  Take a look around and see what you think……and drop us a line via the ‘contact’ link and let us know.  Yes, it’s a beautiful morning here in the Southland  –  make it a great day!

I Just Love a Beautiful Morning!

I mean the song is great too (more on that in a moment!) but a good, beautiful morning gets your day started… right. There’s nothing better than waking up, sun barely peaking in through the curtains, birds chirping a gorgeous song of praise, white fluffy clouds on the horizon… I just love it.  How do you define a beautiful morning?  Here in the trailer park it is pretty simple.  A good cup of joe from Jimmy’s Java (fair trade, of course), some eggs from Miss Beulah down the road (pastured, of course), bacon (uncured from Jim’s farm) and a little music from The Rascals to get things moving along. Oh,  and a ride on the see-saw doesn’t hurt.

Playing a little music from The Rascals insures the day is going to be just groovy.