Bumpbitty, bump, bump, bump!

That was exactly how it felt.  While heading downstairs last night Dixie, in her plaid (her own Scottish tartan in fact) stocking feet, kind of missed the first step. The arch of her plaid covered foot slipped right off that very first step. This in turn brought her whole body down to the shag carpet on the step and then she just went with the flow.  The flow being that she went down the steps on her derrière much like a 3 year old would have done.  The main difference being that the 3 year old would have done this on purpose….Dixie had no choice.  But she did have a choice of trying to stop this action or to just “go with the flow”.  Being the wise and worldly Southern woman that she is, she knew it would be best to just take the ride and let the motion stop on it’s own.  Going kind of limp and just go with it.  Less stress on the body and Lord knows, less stress is a good thing! Dixie arrived at the bottom a little shook up, but no injury.  Got up, rubbed her elbow and thought to herself, “Been a long time since I went down the stairs like that! Gracious what a ride! Next time I am grabbing that handrail.”

Songwriting is kind of like bumping down the stairs.  You really just have to go with the flow.

You really just have to go with the flow.  Stiffen up and try  too hard and you get thrown all over the place.  Pixie recently penned a new ditty and just let it take him for a ride.  Dixie added an old school melody and don’t ya just know they ended up with a sweet sounding tune that sounds like it was written back in the days when Country music was about the story.

Like Harlan Howard said, “All you need is 3 chords and the truth.”

Take a listen to this song….it’s not finished in production yet, but will be on our next CD.  We think it is a story that is timeless…as nice to listen to as a kitten purring on your lap.  Just a nice love song….



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