Good day to everyone out there in greater internet-landia! I’m sitting here with my morning cup of Joe Joe’s jamming java juice watching the most rambunctious rescue greyhound ever.  Ozark is here busy contemplating the finer points of the mid-morning yawn and all it’s attendant consequences.  But enough about us here in the Southland’s first live/work/play trailer park. Yeah, we are living the dream here…keeping up with the Smith’s and Bubba.  By the way, they just opened a new propane dealer yonder side of Lot 46. That’s big news!

Living the dream in the Southland.

Who can believe the first sure sign of Spring has come and gone already: Pitchers and catchers have reported to their proper grapefruit/cactus league destinations, which can only mean the boys of Summer are gearing up for another actions packed major league baseball season.  Around these parts, apparently, Winter seems to be in quite a hurry to join them.  That is to say, we may have had the mildest Winter in the South I can remember for quite some time. (hope I didn’t just arouse the dander of the March hare with that statement.  Get it?…Dander… that’s funny)

“Is it true, the robin heralds Springtime because that’s just what he’s bound to do?” lyrics from Another You by Pickxen

Although, perhaps a more sure sign of Spring’s arrival is the Mardi Gras season (of which we find ourselves hip-deep in).  Nothing quite says renewal like watching the krewe of Lafcadio parade down Chartres to Ursuline, up Royad St. then on down Bourbon St. to St. Ann. Fat Tuesday is February 26.  Make it down to NOLA before that for the real fun!

We here in the trailer park are celebrating Spring by continuing to gig around the Southeast in support of ‘Picks ‘n Vittles”.  And since we have found ourselves with all sorts of extra time on our hands we are spending lots of quality time down at Blackberry Whine Studios laying a foundation of tracks for Pickxen’s second album.  Details…TBA.

So, keep your eyes peeled for us, Franklin, N.C., Johnston City, Tn., and all other points ’round the Southeast.  We’ll be heading your way later this year with the scattered and smothered and covered good news of the Southern song.  Here’s a little something to get you through Mardi Gras.