Well, don’t ‘cha just know it!  Tough times don’t last  –  but tough people do.  Our own Pixie P. has been going through some tough times with his poor old back but  with the help of some supremely talented doctors and the Big Man upstairs, he has prevailed, the back issues are only a memory right now and this here little band is ready to move forward  with an all out assault on the music business!!  To that end, we have uploaded a new song onto our website and  have added a link to our SoundCloud page, which you can also find just over there to the right of this blog post.  Our newest song is called 7 LB. Rhyme.  Have you ever have the feeling that your conversations lacked meaning and candor?  That you traded only in the currency of froth and vacuity when it came to meaningful dialogue?  Well sir, this little song is our attempt to address such feelings………..we hope you enjoy it!

We have been busy as ever rehearsing as a trio once again which we have been unable to do with Pixie sidelined.  We are very excited about how things are progressing and are really looking forward to our appearance at The Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville, Georgia on July 16!
UPDATE: We had an awesome time playing for all the great folks at The Booth! So honored that they have invited us back to play during the 13th Annual Southeastern Cowboy Festival & Symposium in late October… stay tuned for details!

In addition, we have been in ongoing negotiations with Mr. Jerry, who lives down there towards the front end of the trailer park.  He has a sweet doublewide in which he has built a recording studio, there on the other side of the kitchen.  With any luck at all we will be there in short order singing into his can on yonder side of the glass and walking away with some fine acetate recordings!  Ahhh………don’t ‘cha just know it  –  things are working out just fine!!  Here’s a little something to pass the time with by Mr. Huey ‘Piano’ Smith and His Clowns: