Pickxen Takes Completes Another Trip Around The Sun

Pickxen Takes Completes Another Trip Around The Sun

2018 Sounds so futuristic!

Yet here we are living in it right now!  So many things to be thankful for as we start a new year.  For one, Dixie got an Instantpot for Christmas and things really changed in the kitchen!  A chicken roasted and ready to eat in 45 mins. (Well, that doesn’t include the time it takes to go out in the yard and catch that pastured hen and ….well, you know what!)  This is a great time saver..which we need since we have lots of great shows on the schedule.

Keep an eye on Pickxen.com for upcoming shows

We’ve got shows in N.C., S.C.,Va., Ga. and more on the horizon.

We are hoping to release that 2nd Full CD in late Spring.  So excited to share these songs with you.  We have some super talented guests playing with us on this record.  Gonna be so great to see what you think.

Download Pickxen tunes at Spotify, Itunes, Amazon

Yes, you can get Pickxen tunes right there.  Please check us out and help yourself.

Of course, if we get to see you in person our CD’s are available at all of our shows.

We just can’t get enough chicken these days….

Pickxen’s Gonna Cross That Pond One Day

Pickxen’s Gonna Cross That Pond One Day

After several fits, starts and other similar forays into some kind of southern fried, semi-journalistic bloviation I have finally   decided to just let this music journalist speak for himself.  Many many thanks to our big fan across the pond, The Rocking Magpie.  His review of our new EP, ‘Selah,’ has brought us to blushes and grins and made us giddy with joy and has put a spring in our step.

Sent to him as a gesture of goodwill and just to keep him in the loop.


Not even daring to dream that he would take the time to review our work in progress. But oh my goodness gracious –  review it he did and you are just gonna have to click on the link below and read it for yourself.


“Unless there’s a puppy involved, Country songs don’t get any more Countrier than this……heartbreak by the numbers, and tears by the ton.”


Mr Magpie, we are gonna get over to your side of the world one of these days and sing and play just for you! Thank you, thank you!

Pickxen – SELEH (ep)


Please check out our calendar link and come out to see us.  We have some really fantastic shows coming up before the Summer is gone and some delightful treats in the Fall as well.  We thank you for your support and hope you will tell your friends and relations about Pickxen!



It’s Summertime

It’s Summertime

Wow!!  Where does the time go?  Been a little while since we last sat down to chat and here it is, nigh onto another Summer getting ready to greet the world.

Pickxen has been busy, and that has left us a little remiss in chatting up a storm on this here blog.  We spent most of the Spring recording back at our favorite spot, Blackberry Whine studios. We decided to celebrate the halfway point in the process by releasing an EP of 6 songs so our friends and fans can get a taste of what is to come on our second cd. The new EP is called ‘Selah’ which roughly translates to, “Pause and listen.” ‘Selah’ is available to the world on now and will give y’all an idea of exactly what it is we have been doing since Mardi Gras (or so).  It is available on Bandcamp as well as the other usual music outlets  – iTunes, Spotify, Amazon – and all the rest of those crazy places one may find on the internet.

Selah EP CD Outlined_V3

We are also excited to get back out there out on the road and playing music for all of you .  We began June by sharing an evening with our singing/songwriting pals Raven and Red and Death Beard in a ‘Songwriters In The Round’ type evening at The New Dawn Theater Company in Duluth, Ga.  It was a blast sharing the stage with those good folks and trading off songs and listening to the stories behind the songs  – what a hoot!  If you don’t know those guys  –  seek ‘em out, they are well worth your time (and both groups are as nice as they can be)!

The next couple of weeks will find us in North Carolina, the mountains of north Georgia and eastern Tennessee in Knoxville and Johnson City.  So excited to be returning to The Blue Plate Special on WDVX in Knoxville and we will be playing for the first time at The Acoustic Coffeehouse in Johnson City which will be a blast.  Keep your eyes peeled and stay up to date for all the upcoming gigs on our website as well as our Facebook and Twitter feeds.  We shall be putting quite a few miles on the Pickxen microbus this Summer, please come on out and catch a show and make sure you come up and say, “Hey!” when you see us.

Well, I guess that’s about it for now.  Got lots to do and never enough time to do it, so let’s grab another cup ‘o courage and get to it  –  it’s Summertime!  Driving home that point, please welcome from Boston, Massachusetts, direct from 1958  –  The Jamies!!!


Easy Living…Spring Is Springing…Pickxen Is Making Music

Easy Living…Spring Is Springing…Pickxen Is Making Music

Good day to everyone out there in greater internet-landia! I’m sitting here with my morning cup of Joe Joe’s jamming java juice watching the most rambunctious rescue greyhound ever.  Ozark is here busy contemplating the finer points of the mid-morning yawn and all it’s attendant consequences.  But enough about us here in the Southland’s first live/work/play trailer park. Yeah, we are living the dream here…keeping up with the Smith’s and Bubba.  By the way, they just opened a new propane dealer yonder side of Lot 46. That’s big news!

Living the dream in the Southland.

Who can believe the first sure sign of Spring has come and gone already: Pitchers and catchers have reported to their proper grapefruit/cactus league destinations, which can only mean the boys of Summer are gearing up for another actions packed major league baseball season.  Around these parts, apparently, Winter seems to be in quite a hurry to join them.  That is to say, we may have had the mildest Winter in the South I can remember for quite some time. (hope I didn’t just arouse the dander of the March hare with that statement.  Get it?…Dander…hare..now that’s funny)

“Is it true, the robin heralds Springtime because that’s just what he’s bound to do?” lyrics from Another You by Pickxen

Although, perhaps a more sure sign of Spring’s arrival is the Mardi Gras season (of which we find ourselves hip-deep in).  Nothing quite says renewal like watching the krewe of Lafcadio parade down Chartres to Ursuline, up Royad St. then on down Bourbon St. to St. Ann. Fat Tuesday is February 26.  Make it down to NOLA before that for the real fun!

We here in the trailer park are celebrating Spring by continuing to gig around the Southeast in support of ‘Picks ‘n Vittles”.  And since we have found ourselves with all sorts of extra time on our hands we are spending lots of quality time down at Blackberry Whine Studios laying a foundation of tracks for Pickxen’s second album.  Details…TBA.

So, keep your eyes peeled for us, Franklin, N.C., Johnston City, Tn., and all other points ’round the Southeast.  We’ll be heading your way later this year with the scattered and smothered and covered good news of the Southern song.  Here’s a little something to get you through Mardi Gras.


It’s A Beautiful Morning

It’s A Beautiful Morning

Well, it’s a beautiful morning, isn’t it?  And welcome to our brand new website!  Hope you like the new look.  On it you you’ll find all things Pickxen including our Twitter feed, a Soundcloud player from which you can access the songs from our CD ‘Picks ’n Vittles’, an updated gig listing, song lyrics and coming soon a ‘Media’ page with reviews of our music, an EPK, our ‘One Sheet’ and other promotional items.  Take a look around and see what you think……and drop us a line via the ‘contact’ link and let us know.  Yes, it’s a beautiful morning here in the Southland  –  make it a great day!

I Just Love a Beautiful Morning!

I mean the song is great too (more on that in a moment!) but a good, beautiful morning gets your day started… right. There’s nothing better than waking up, sun barely peaking in through the curtains, birds chirping a gorgeous song of praise, white fluffy clouds on the horizon… I just love it.  How do you define a beautiful morning?  Here in the trailer park it is pretty simple.  A good cup of joe from Jimmy’s Java (fair trade, of course), some eggs from Miss Beulah down the road (pastured, of course), bacon (uncured from Jim’s farm) and a little music from The Rascals to get things moving along. Oh,  and a ride on the see-saw doesn’t hurt.

Playing a little music from The Rascals insures the day is going to be just groovy.

What’s He Building in There?

What’s He Building in There?

Well here we are, finding ourselves deep in the throes of the Holiday Season.  Usually, the end of the year finds Pickxen slowing down a smidge in order to take some time to enjoy family and friends and give thanks for all the wonderful blessings bestowed on us this previous year.  Where has the time gone, anyway, and didn’t we ask that very same question about this time last year??  One thing we can report is that during some previously scheduled Fall cleaning, Miss Dixie came across some long lost, long hidden, long forgotten songs out back in yon smokehouse under a pile of dried out alder.  So we blew the dust off of them, took a look and decided that perhaps we should take a stab at committing them acetate (or perhaps some other method of rendering not known about in the 20th century).  So if you find yourself passing through the trailer park in the next month or so and you think you may be hearing the odd sound or two emanating from lot #47, rather than asking, “What’s he building in there,” it may be that you are hearing portions of the new Pickxen recording being cobbled together which should coincide nicely with the finishing details on our brand new website  Details to follow, surely as night follows day.  Oh, by the way, should you ask yourself, “What’s he building in there,” you wouldn’t be the first: