Pickxen Wants To See You!

Pickxen Wants To See You!

Larrivee Guitars has been kind enough to offer us Artist Support and we could not be more thrilled!

Love these guitars…we have 3 of them already and getting this endorsement is a very sweet thing for us!  We will be adding to our Larrivee family very soon!  If you like our sound, you already like Larrivee…check them out if you are looking to add to your musical family!

Please take a second to check out where we will be playing this Spring/Summer!  So many great places…lots of them new to us and we think you should join us!

Click on the calendar link to see where to go!

We continue to write and work on songs for the new CD.  Stay tuned for a date…we hope!!

Enjoy the seasons ahead and fill your days with music…always works for us.

We hope to see you soon and as always thanks for your support!

Dixie, Pixie and Micksy

Laura, John and Michael


Pickxen Dates for the Spring and Summer

Pickxen Dates for the Spring and Summer

Are you meeting your minimum requirements?

We care about you and your music needs.  Therefore, we want to be sure you are getting your correct dose of live music.  We are offering many opportunities for you to meet the minimum daily requirements.  Well, you may have to have large doses on multiple days as opposed to a daily dose…but either way your heart, your soul and your listening ears will thank you for partaking!

Our calendar is chock full of great musical opportunities.

From our home state, Georgia, to North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia we have some really wonderful venues where we will be playing.  We would be thrilled to see you and your friends and relations there.  If you can’t make it but know some folks in the area please spread the word.

Just click on the tab above to view our calendar.

Looking forward to making new friends and fans as we begin the Spring and Summer schedule.  We’ll be traveling down the freeway sharing the music we love!  Yeah, that’s right!

Thank you kindly for your support!


Go With The Flow

Go With The Flow

Bumpbitty, bump, bump, bump!

That was exactly how it felt.  While heading downstairs last night Dixie, in her plaid (her own Scottish tartan in fact) stocking feet, kind of missed the first step. The arch of her plaid covered foot slipped right off that very first step. This in turn brought her whole body down to the shag carpet on the step and then she just went with the flow.  The flow being that she went down the steps on her derrière much like a 3 year old would have done.  The main difference being that the 3 year old would have done this on purpose….Dixie had no choice.  But she did have a choice of trying to stop this action or to just “go with the flow”.  Being the wise and worldly Southern woman that she is, she knew it would be best to just take the ride and let the motion stop on it’s own.  Going kind of limp and just go with it.  Less stress on the body and Lord knows, less stress is a good thing! Dixie arrived at the bottom a little shook up, but no injury.  Got up, rubbed her elbow and thought to herself, “Been a long time since I went down the stairs like that! Gracious what a ride! Next time I am grabbing that handrail.”

Songwriting is kind of like bumping down the stairs.  You really just have to go with the flow.

You really just have to go with the flow.  Stiffen up and try  too hard and you get thrown all over the place.  Pixie recently penned a new ditty and just let it take him for a ride.  Dixie added an old school melody and don’t ya just know they ended up with a sweet sounding tune that sounds like it was written back in the days when Country music was about the story.

Like Harlan Howard said, “All you need is 3 chords and the truth.”

Take a listen to this song….it’s not finished in production yet, but will be on our next CD.  We think it is a story that is timeless…as nice to listen to as a kitten purring on your lap.  Just a nice love song….



Check out our new Spotify “follow” button on the home page.

We are still working on this Spotify thing.  For folks our age it is not intuitive AT ALL…but we are making some progress.  Slowly getting it to work…so take a look and a listen and keep us in the technology loop.

Our calendar is filling up!

Excited to be adding new venues this year.  Go look and see when we will be coming near your town and save the date!  We would be thrilled to see you walk through the door.


Pickxen Takes Completes Another Trip Around The Sun

Pickxen Takes Completes Another Trip Around The Sun

2018 Sounds so futuristic!

Yet here we are living in it right now!  So many things to be thankful for as we start a new year.  For one, Dixie got an Instantpot for Christmas and things really changed in the kitchen!  A chicken roasted and ready to eat in 45 mins. (Well, that doesn’t include the time it takes to go out in the yard and catch that pastured hen and ….well, you know what!)  This is a great time saver..which we need since we have lots of great shows on the schedule.

Keep an eye on Pickxen.com for upcoming shows

We’ve got shows in N.C., S.C.,Va., Ga. and more on the horizon.

We are hoping to release that 2nd Full CD in late Spring.  So excited to share these songs with you.  We have some super talented guests playing with us on this record.  Gonna be so great to see what you think.

Download Pickxen tunes at Spotify, Itunes, Amazon

Yes, you can get Pickxen tunes right there.  Please check us out and help yourself.

Of course, if we get to see you in person our CD’s are available at all of our shows.

We just can’t get enough chicken these days….

Pickxen’s Gonna Cross That Pond One Day

Pickxen’s Gonna Cross That Pond One Day

After several fits, starts and other similar forays into some kind of southern fried, semi-journalistic bloviation I have finally   decided to just let this music journalist speak for himself.  Many many thanks to our big fan across the pond, The Rocking Magpie.  His review of our new EP, ‘Selah,’ has brought us to blushes and grins and made us giddy with joy and has put a spring in our step.

Sent to him as a gesture of goodwill and just to keep him in the loop.


Not even daring to dream that he would take the time to review our work in progress. But oh my goodness gracious –  review it he did and you are just gonna have to click on the link below and read it for yourself.


“Unless there’s a puppy involved, Country songs don’t get any more Countrier than this……heartbreak by the numbers, and tears by the ton.”


Mr Magpie, we are gonna get over to your side of the world one of these days and sing and play just for you! Thank you, thank you!

Pickxen – SELEH (ep)


Please check out our calendar link and come out to see us.  We have some really fantastic shows coming up before the Summer is gone and some delightful treats in the Fall as well.  We thank you for your support and hope you will tell your friends and relations about Pickxen!