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Go With The Flow

Bumpbitty, bump, bump, bump! That was exactly how it felt. While heading downstairs last night Dixie, in her plaid (her own Scottish tartan in fact) stocking feet, kind of missed the first step. The arch of her plaid covered foot slipped right off that very first step.
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It’s Summertime

Pickxen has been busy, and that has left us a little remiss in chatting up a storm on this here blog. We spent most of the Spring recording back at our favorite spot, Blackberry Whine studios. read more

It’s A Beautiful Morning

Well, it’s a beautiful morning, isn’t it? And welcome to our brand new website! Hope you like the new look. On it you you’ll find all things Pickxen including our Twitter feed, a Soundcloud player from which you can access the songs from our CD ‘Picks ’n Vittles’, an updated gig listing, song lyrics and coming soon a ‘Media’ page with reviews of our music, an EPK, our ‘One Sheet’ and other promotional items. read more

What’s He Building in There?

Well here we are, finding ourselves deep in the throes of the Holiday Season. Usually, the end of the year finds Pickxen slowing down a smidge in order to take some time to enjoy family and friends and give thanks for all the wonderful blessings bestowed on us this previous year. Where has the time gone, anyway, and didn't we ask that very same question about this time last year?? read more

Them Changes

Well friends, here we find ourselves in the dog days of Summer 2016 and things seem to be changing on a daily basis (save the 90 plus degree weather we seem to have been 'enjoying' nigh on these last 60 days, or so). You can find our cd 'Picks 'n Vittles' all over the internet - iTunes, Spotify, Amazon read more

The Music Goes Round and Round!

Wow friends!! Seems like it was forever ago since we last visited! But we all made it through Autumn and we made it through the holidays and we made it all the way through 2015 and woke up to greet 2016, right on time, like we knew she would be. read more

It’s Our Autumn Almanac!

Well hello, once again, friends and neighbors! Been quite awhile since we last visited, so let's see if we can't get y'all up to speed on all, (or at least most), things Pickxen. So get you some sweet tea and find a spot on the divan and get a load of our Autumn Almanac: read more